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No New Posts Rules and Guidelines

Please read before posting on the board!

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3 146 Please Post Saying You Have Read the Rules!
by Guryon
Jan 2, 2015 23:27:18 GMT -4
No New Posts Weekly Messages and Updates

Please read all of the weekly messages and updates from the admins so you may be kept up to date.

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5 26 Calling All Members! *Check In*
by xavierkage
Jan 10, 2014 21:18:46 GMT -4
No New Posts Character Request Info

List of Characters, original Characters, and requests are found here.

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1 7 Who Do You Play?
by Missouri Moseley
May 30, 2009 23:52:23 GMT -4
No New Posts Important Lists & Plot Updates

Find the lists for administrators, characters status and developments and any other important info regarding the story of the RPG.

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Sub-board: Vehicles

11 18 Active Characters
by Dani Cross
Aug 30, 2012 14:31:55 GMT -4
No New Posts Sub-Plot

Find any and all information in regards to the sub plot and available stories and characters here.

4 4 Being Human Character List
by Almighty Admin
Feb 9, 2011 22:46:20 GMT -4
No New Posts Suggested Updates

Where you can make suggestions on how to make our board better or recruit new members!

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No New Posts Welcome

Come in and Introduce yourself.

8 26 Intro
by xavierkage
Jan 11, 2014 14:22:46 GMT -4
No New Posts Absences & Returning

If you will be gone for a certain amount of time you MUST post in here to let us know. If you are back post and let us know too as we have missed you!

Moderator: Almighty Admin

3 97 Site Rebirth
by Dani Cross
Aug 30, 2012 21:36:03 GMT -4
No New Posts Admin & Mod Council

Where Admin and Mods can discuss any issues they have in regards to the function and up keep of this forum.

3 64


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No New Posts Questions

Have a question? Feel free to ask it here!

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No New Posts Profiles

This is the place to get all of the information on all active characters.

162 1,114 Guryon
by Guryon
Jan 3, 2015 0:05:24 GMT -4
No New Posts Character Appearence

Here you will find who the physical likeness is for each character played.

1 3 Avatar List
by gorz
Jun 6, 2011 17:34:45 GMT -4
No New Posts Character Adoption Agency

Here is where you will find any and all previously taken show characters who have become orphans and need a new home. Please post in here if you have a show character you are giving up for adoption.

1 2 Character Surrender
by Dani Cross
Apr 27, 2010 1:28:41 GMT -4

The Story So Far

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No New Posts Mail

Snail or electronic, carrier pidgeon or post man, this is where you send your mail.

2 4 Email for Jericho Nadasdy/Alexis London
by Alexis London
Jul 28, 2010 21:31:48 GMT -4
No New Posts Voicemail

Have an important message for someone? Use this board to leave them a voicemail.

46 99 Voicemail for Jon Brunner
by Jon Brunner
Jul 27, 2010 14:39:53 GMT -4
No New Posts Telephone Calls

This is where you can go to carry out your telephone conversations with those you may need to talk with urgently.

6 55 Text for Alexis London
by Killian Reynolds
Jun 17, 2010 9:03:45 GMT -4
No New Posts Hunting Jobs

Saving people, hunting things, the family business!

1 8 Blood Moon
by Bianca Pagliaro
Jul 24, 2010 22:33:49 GMT -4
No New Posts The Impala (or other cars)

The best way to get from place to place. Plus she’s the hottest car on the road!

3 25 Back in Black {Flashback}
by Dean Winchester
Sept 8, 2008 21:06:15 GMT -4
No New Posts Motels

A place to get some rest and recovery…well in theory anyways.

11 237 The Fallen
by Anna
Jul 13, 2015 5:49:32 GMT -4
No New Posts Police Station

Because sometimes even the best of us get caught.

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No New Posts Hospitals

When a first aid kit just isn’t enough!

9 204 repossessing
by Jeff Jefferson
Jan 4, 2010 20:03:05 GMT -4
No New Posts Airports

When a hunt requires a bit of time in the sky.

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No New Posts Libraries

The place to do your research and gather as much information as you can about the next hunt.

2 20 We Are The End
by Ruby
Jun 14, 2009 18:18:39 GMT -4
No New Posts Graveyards

Where the dead rest in peace...for the most part...ok not really...well they eventually do...

4 137 Cat & Mouse {Open}
by Ruby
May 7, 2009 16:46:43 GMT -4
No New Posts Churches

Hollowed ground and sometimes the only place to go when seeking a "miracle" or two.

8 173 Leap Frog
by Carter
Apr 28, 2011 0:15:47 GMT -4
No New Posts Coffee Shops & Dinners

The best place to start of the day and figure out a plan for the hunt.

7 114 Decaf or Half-Caf
by Catherine Bathory
Nov 14, 2010 11:25:08 GMT -4
No New Posts Nebraska

Nebraska is a state located on the Great Plains of the Midwestern United States.

Sub-boards: Harvelle's Roadhouse, Roy LeGrange's Church

2 24 Sunsets
by Ariella
Nov 14, 2010 11:38:29 GMT -4
No New Posts Kansas

Kansas is a Midwestern state in the central region of the United States of America, an area often referred to as the American "Heartland".

Sub-boards: Missouri Moseley Home, Guenther's Auto Repair , Earthbound Antique Shop, University of Kansas, Stull Cemetery

18 372 The Meadow
by Alexander Blutmond
Jun 3, 2010 2:53:21 GMT -4
No New Posts Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state located in the South Central region of the United States of America.

Sub-boards: Oasis Plains, Guthrie

1 6 All in a Days Work
by Bianca Pagliaro
May 20, 2009 7:17:01 GMT -4
No New Posts California

California is a state on the West Coast of the United States, along the Pacific Ocean.

Sub-boards: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Stanford University, Centennial Bridge

8 110 Jesus of Suburbia
by Jimmy Renwick
Apr 28, 2011 0:39:39 GMT -4
No New Posts Illinois

Illinois is a state of the United States of America, the 21st to be admitted to the Union.

Sub-boards: Roosevelt Asylum, The Lyghte House, Ava Wilson's House

7 140 Idle Hands
by Gardener Wild
Apr 4, 2014 21:50:19 GMT -4
No New Posts South Dakota

South Dakota is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States of America.

Sub-board: Bobby Singer's House and Salvage Yard

2 2 In the Blood (Open)
by Karólína Ástasdóttir
Mar 7, 2011 22:32:10 GMT -4
No New Posts Florida

Florida is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. Most of the state is a large peninsula with the Gulf of Mexico on its west and the Atlantic Ocean on its east.

Sub-boards: Broward County Mystery Spot, Cassadaga

2 14 In Plain Sight
by Mixston Roth
May 29, 2010 17:48:59 GMT -4
No New Posts New York

New York is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States, and is the country's third most populous state.

Sub-boards: Alexis London's Shop & Home, Bela's Apartment, Grey Manor, Samantha McBaine's Apartment, Drop by Drop

32 1,078 Definately not Huffalumps and Woozules...
by Matthew Kane
Apr 18, 2011 9:38:37 GMT -4
No New Posts Arkansas

Arkansas is a state located in the southern region of the United States of America. Arkansas shares a border with six states, with its eastern border largely defined by the Mississippi River.

Sub-boards: Museum of Anthropology, Green River County Detention Center

1 27 Going Out of Business....
by Gavner
May 25, 2010 19:44:56 GMT -4
No New Posts Colorado

Colorado is a state located in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States of America. Colorado may also be considered to be a part of the Western and Southwestern regions of the United States.

Sub-board: Blackwater Ridge, Lost Creek

1 24 first hunt (open)
by Jorn Kopaka
Oct 8, 2009 5:48:38 GMT -4
No New Posts Mississippi

Mississippi is a state located in the Deep South of the United States. Jackson is the state capital and largest city.

Sub-board: Lloyds Bar / Crossroad, Greenwood

1 17 Situations
by Lilith
Apr 29, 2010 3:57:31 GMT -4
No New Posts Louisiana

is a state located in the southern region of the United States of America. The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge.

Sub-boards: New Orleans, The Sacred Mother Convent, Sinners Tavern

9 221 Roasting Marshmallows Over Hellfire
by Carter
Jul 12, 2015 14:22:39 GMT -4
No New Posts Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state located in the New England region of the northeastern United States.

Sub-boards: Salem, Boston, St Mary's Convent

16 288 Friends in Low Places
by Bianca Pagliaro
Apr 4, 2014 22:00:54 GMT -4
No New Posts Boston, Mass. ("Being Human" Sub-Plot)

The capital and largest city in Massachusetts, and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The largest city in New England, Boston is regarded as the unofficial "Capital of New England" for its economic and cultural impact on the entire New England region.

Sub-boards: 5436 NW 23rd Street, Suffolk County Hospital, Around Boston, Sanderson's Morturary , Woods

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No New Posts Nevada

Nevada is a state located in the western region of the United States of America. The capital is Carson City and the largest city is Las Vegas.

Sub-boards: Las Vegas, Highway 41

4 66 The Point Of It All
by Raguel
Jan 21, 2011 12:32:21 GMT -4
No New Posts Georgia

The peach state is filled with ghosts of past bloodshed and old southern legends.

Sub-board: WGON Atlanta (Channel 11)

1 2 Late Night Screams with Joe Bob Briggs (episode 1)
by Joe Bob Briggs
Nov 10, 2009 21:48:40 GMT -4
No New Posts Ohio

Ohio is a Midwestern state of the United States. Part of the Great Lakes region, Ohio has long been a cultural and geographical crossroads in North America.

Sub-boards: Chuck Shurley's House, Crawford Hall, Springfield University, Springfield

4 59 Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate
by Kingston West
Feb 18, 2011 0:21:43 GMT -4
No New Posts Tennessee

A U.S. state located in the Southeastern United States. It has a population of 6,214,888, making it the nation's 17th-largest state by population.

Sub-board: Nashville

3 9 The Horror of It All
by Catherine Bathory
Apr 16, 2011 16:20:24 GMT -4
No New Posts Texas

Texas is a state geographically located in the South Central United States. Texas is also known as the Lone Star State.

Sub-board: Hell House, Richardson

3 20 Hello again
by Kelly Ryan
Aug 21, 2010 21:36:29 GMT -4
No New Posts Wyoming

Wyoming is a state in the western region of the United States of America. The majority of the state is dominated by the mountain ranges and rangelands of the Rocky Mountain West, while the easternmost section of the state is a high altitude prairie region known as the High Plains.

Sub-board: Devil's Gate

3 73 Dead...or...Alive {Private}
by Harper Benedict
May 2, 2010 23:10:00 GMT -4
No New Posts Washington

Sub-boards: Seattle, Pembrooke Pines State Asylum

1 51 Voices in the Darkness [Private]
by Harper Benedict
Jun 21, 2009 2:42:19 GMT -4
No New Posts Virginia

3 40 Consequence
by Rory Fletcher
Oct 26, 2010 22:37:01 GMT -4
No New Posts Woods

All sorts of dark and dangerous creatures lurk in the darkness of the woods. Be careful when venturing out among the trees.

10 256 Morning After (Open, especially to demons)
by Magda Sol
Jan 17, 2011 23:15:44 GMT -4
No New Posts Sewers

Sometimes the world beneath the streets can hold the answers into the supernatural...be mindful of the gators...

1 18 Gators in the sewer? (Open)
by Alexis London
Jan 25, 2009 19:19:10 GMT -4
No New Posts Crossroads

In desperate times one must find a crossroads and dig a hole in the dead center, putting in a box with their picture and an assortment of other items which help to bring a crossroads demon into this world and make a deal. The cost?...Only your soul...

1 19 All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2
by Almighty Admin
May 12, 2008 9:45:19 GMT -4
No New Posts Around the World

For those who don’t mind planes and want to battle evil across the pond!

Sub-boards: Poveglia Island, London, England, Paris, France, Johannesburg, South Africa

6 135 Connecting the Dots
by Gardener Wild
Aug 5, 2010 21:39:54 GMT -4
No New Posts Heaven

The central location for the angels to gather.

2 13 The Light is White {Flashback}
by Raphael
Sept 6, 2010 23:12:19 GMT -4
No New Posts Hell

Where the Yellow Eyed Demon and all other Demons dwell.

Sub-boards: Gates of Hell, The 3rd Level, The 7th Level, The 13th Level

2 18 Out From Under
by Liana
Jul 9, 2009 5:31:00 GMT -4

The Peanut Gallery

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No New Posts Anything Else

Feel free to talk about anything and everything in here.

33 142 Characters Wanted
by Death
Sept 6, 2010 22:57:12 GMT -4
No New Posts Archives

Old threads and topics can be found here.

69 594 My Favorite Chi-Town Videos
by Alexis London
Nov 16, 2009 22:23:04 GMT -4
No New Posts Site Advertisements

NO Posting an ad till you have at least 50 posts. And please PM an admin. before advertising a site.

14 19 Moon Called
by AdminSophie
Sept 30, 2013 22:18:38 GMT -4


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